Turkse en Griekse muziekavond

2Lips Band

Two Lips 🌷
Turkish & Greek Psychedelic Pop/Folk music

Rotterdam-based 2Lips Band emerges as a fresh and modern pop ensemble, rooted in the fusion of Turkish and Greek traditional pieces with a psychedelic pop touch. Drawing inspiration from the rich musical landscapes of the 70s and 80s, our repertoire extends to the vibrant tapestry of Anatolian folk. In addition to presenting beloved classics, we infuse our performances with original compositions that weave upbeat pop elements and contemporary grooves.
The name "2Lips" not only nods to our two vocalists but also intertwines with our Dutch connection, subtly evoking the tulip fields of the Netherlands. Together, 2Lips Band blossoms into a musical journey that transcends time and cultural boundaries, celebrating the universal language of vibrant melodies.

Line Up 

Duygu Alkan (vocals), Pelagia Tsiachri Renta (vocals), Nello Biasini (drums), Julia Tavit (keys), Yiannis Mitsios (electric guitar) and Bariş Ofluoğlu (electric bass)