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    Zhouan Ensemble

    Prachtige muziek van het Zhouan Ensemble! Rijke Iraanse, Perzische en Koerdische klanken. 

    Stichting Iranian on the move presenteert het Zouan Ensemble. Geweldige en prachtige Iraanse, Perzische en Koerdische muziek. Het Zhouan Enemsble is ontstaan in 2004 en promoot de rijke Iraanse muziek en mooie klanken. De instrumenten staan centraal. Zhouan betekent een plek voor geliefden. Een regelrechte aanrader! 

    Persian and kurdish Music
    Zhouan Ensemble

    Headed by Roham Sobhani, Zhouan Ensemble officially founded in the Autumn 2004, in the form of an artistic family. Zhouan Ensemble tries to promote the Iranian traditional music, as well as addressing the rich and enjoyable melodies of the of Kurdistan region. Zhouan has always opposed any mass production and particularly the vocal-centered orientation, which unfortunately has affected a great number of Iranian music ensembles. As its slogan, Zhouan, based on collective thinking, has tried to respect every individual musician and member of the ensemble. The word “ Zhouan” in Sorani Kurdish dialect means the meeting place for lovers, or the place two lovers meet at dawn.

    Zhouan Ensemble:
    Arezoo Banipour: Vocalist
    Marjan Alekhamis: Kamanche
    Shahriar Jafari: Oud
    Hamed  naji: Robab & Daf
    Fazel naji: Tombak
    Roham Sobhani: Tar and Composer

    Aanvang / Start: 20.15 uur

    Prijs / Price: €20 (met Ooievaarspas €10)