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    Kothanodi (The River of Fables)

    Indian Film Festival in Dakota: Kothanodi!

    'Kothanodi' is een fascinerende film gebaseerd op eeuwenoude traditionele verhalen die elk Assamees kind van oma hoorde. Vier beroemde fabels komen opnieuw tot leven in één verhaal vol duistere gruwelen uit Assamese folklore. Waarin vrouwen op een ongewone manier het ideaalbeeld van moederschap ontstijgen. Een huiveringwekkende film waar je kippenvel van krijgt

    Adapted from Assamese century old traditional grandma’s tales that every Assamese kid has grown up hearing, Kothanodi is a fascinating multi-narrative film about four shades of motherhood. It’s about a mother who puts her daughter’s life at stake for her pride; a woman who has given birth, but still isn’t a mother; a mother who makes a stand for her child; and a mother who never wanted to be one in the first place.

    Senehi is a woman who loathes her stepdaughter Tejimola. When her husband Devinath is called away on a distant business trip, she plots her stepdaughter’s murder. On his trip, Devinath encounters Keteki, a woman who has given birth to an outenga (elephant apple), which continuously rolls around after her. Devinath resolves to unearth the mystery of the outenga. Meanwhile, in another village, the rich Dhoneshwari is getting her daughter Bonlotika married to a python with the belief that such a creature for a son-in-law will make her rich. As these three stories unfold, Malati resolves to save her newest born from the clutches of her husband Poonai and his uncle, who have sacrificed all three of her previous babies.

    In this film director Bhaskar Hazarika cleverly interweaves the famous four tales into one single narrative that unfolds the dark-terror hidden in the Assamese folklore. The film shows an uncommon portrayal of women defying the often-idealized notion of motherhood. Filmed in the breathtaking countryside of the Indian state Assam, Kothanodi brings light to dark terror, hidden within Assamese tales.

    These folktales were initially presented as tales for children in the Assamese folktales compendium Buri Ai’r Xadhu (Grandma’s Tales). In Kothanodi, Hazarika pushes these stories in a much darker direction where the magic is real, illusions starker, emotions rawer and the horror more visceral. Where in the west the originally dark and horrific tales of the brothers Grimm where made into innocent children’s fairy tales, Hazarika does this the other way around in Kothanodi by presenting these tales for children in a way that makes your stomach churn. The film can be looked upon as an example of the dark undertones that lie under the surface of almost every bedtime story in the world and through this, cinema audiences can enjoy the rich diversity of the existing culture and folklore.

    The stories in Kothanodi contain the universal themes of fear, loathing, envy and love, but they are wonderfully expressed in a local style that is unique to the storytelling traditions of the numerous communities inhabiting Assam for centuries. Come, watch this chilling film with its haunting musical tunes that would make your skin crawl.

    Director: Bhaskar Hazarika / 2015 / 118 minutes / India / Assamese / English subtitled /Engels ondertiteld / Dutch premiere / Price per ticket €10, Ooievaarspas €5

    More information / meer informatie: http://c-india.com/kathanodi-the-river-fables/  

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